Since the start of our club back in 1971, in addition to providing friendship and support, a vision for the club of helping others and charitable giving has been a cornerstone of the AIWC.  Over the years we have been delighted to support various local and international charitable organizations achieve their goals, with over 650,000 euros raised so far!

In 2019 our model of annual galas and scholarships supporting a single charity transitioned to holding numerous smaller fundraisers supporting four charities over a number of years. This new strategy has allowed the club to easily continue this important work, despite the COVID pandemic:  AIWC Frankfurt Charity Review 2019-2020

We focus our charitable work towards four categories - Women, Health, Children and Animals, with a chosen charity aligned with each category.


In 2020 we have joined forces with the Target Project of FAWCO on their Hope for Girls & Women, Tanzania project advocating S.A.F.E (Safe Alternatives for Female Genital Mutilation Elimination).

The project promotes the end of this and other harmful practices affecting too many children and women in Tanzania, and provides support and a new beginning for survivors. 


The IBD Centre at Markus Krankenhaus in Frankfurt needs financial support and awareness for the young adults suffering from the many physical and mental consequences of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). 

Funds raised since 2019 contribute to specialized professional support and counseling for patients and their families, for this still widely unknown or discussed debilitating disease.


Die Arche in a non-profit organization in Frankfurt we have supported since 2019. Their important mission is to help combat child poverty in Germany by improving access and quality of education through a number of initiatives at their center. 

Funds donated go directly toward providing warm healthy breakfast for the children. Providing this basic but important need costs 36 euro a month for one child.


Beginning in 2019 we have partnered with Tierheim Hattersheim to support the many animals being cared for as they wait patiently to meet their new adoptive families.

Members are encouraged to volunteer time and donate pet items, as well as monetary funds, to contribute to food, vaccinations, and other medical needs of the animals.

As we celebrate our 50th Anniversary this year, there will be many fun and social opportunities to raise funds for these important charities, including a big celebration party planned for the autumn.  During COVID restrictions we continue to find safe and creative ways to make a difference.  We hope you will help us help others as we live our motto:

When Women Support Each Other, Incredible Things Happen!

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