Annual Spring Gala

Annually, the AIWC sponsors the Spring Charity event to raise funds for a local charitable organization or cause. Each member has the opportunity to submit a charity or cause that is special to them. From these charity nominations, the General Board hears each proposal and votes on the charity. It is a rewarding process that brings members together for great causes.

With our selected charity, the club hosts the Spring Gala, where it's time to enjoy music, dancing, and an extravagant auction in order to raise funds for the charity.  

2018 Spring Charity

FemJa Mädchenhaus

FemJa Mädchenhaus e.V is a Frankfurt based charity that was founded in 1986. For over 20 years FemJa has been involved in crisis management and intervention for girls in and around the Frankfurt area. As a member of the Deutschen Paritätischen Wohlfahrtsverband (DPWV- An organization that has over 10,000 organizations under its umbrella, providing advice on technical, legal and organizational matters as well as assistance with the financing of projects) FemJa has helped girls under the age of 18 that need to escape abusive and violent situations by giving them a safe place to stay, psychological support, guidance with education and taking the next steps to build their lives. They do this through counselling, crises management and educational guidance work.

As difficult situations don’t tend to end once a girl turns 18, FemJa has as of January 2016, extended their services to include services and anonymous housing for girls up to the age of 21 who continue to be threatened by physical or sexual violence or forced marriage.

The young women live together in groups of 6, anonymously in order to guarantee the utmost security and safety for them. Here they have time to breathe, find comfort, peace and rest before starting to plan their future: an education, finishing school, job training or finding a job. Specially trained FemJa-social workers, in close cooperation with the local Jugendamt (government social services for youth), support them 6 days a week and working within ethnic or cultural backgrounds. Many of these young women can then experience for the first time in their lives a “normal” life, where they can have a hobby or friendships that were previously forbidden by their families. They were often under surveillance from their families, and sadly the family was frequently the source of the physical and/or sexual aggression. Most of the women come from the Rhein-Main-area, however, some come from other German cities as they fear being tracked down by their families if they stayed in their home towns. They can stay up to one year with FemJa and during this time they get support with the process of applying for official help from the Jugendamt which then can provide support for up to 12 months.

In 2016 they took in 96 young women with an average age of 19.5 years from 7 nationalities. While they are doing great work, so many young women in need contact FemJa that they cannot help them all – yet. FemJa solely relies on donations to do this important work to cover the first 4 weeks of safe placement. Although many “Schutzengel” (guardian angles) regularly support FemJa through donations- amongst them the famous crime author Nele Neuhaus, FemJa would like to widen their reach and help more young women in trouble. 

 Money raised by the AIWC would be used to guarantee anonymous housing and support for the FemJa project. In addition to the good that the financial support will do, an additional bonus outcome of highlighting this work is the increase in attention towards a “taboo”-theme.  Violence towards girls and young women is still widely ignored and the AIWC, as a women’s organization, can help work towards raising awareness for a cause that supports a healthy existence for women of all ages and backgrounds.

Check out their work and impact at for more information and the opportunities we can help them achieve. 

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2018 Spring Charity Sponsors

Our Spring Gala wouldn't be possible without the wonderful donors and sponsors from the local area and around the world. The auction items that are donated are what fuels the fundraiser, and we are incredibly thankful for the support.  


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