The children are our future but we are their today!

“Help a Poor Child Complete his Education is important, but before that there is the most basic needs it need to meet, to provide a warm breakfast to start their day. without this, it is all empty talk.  Every little donation helps, every euro is important.“

                                   ——Daniel Schröder(Stv. Leiter “Die Arche”)

Die Arche is a non-profit organization in Frankfurt we have supported since 2019. Their important mission is to help combat child poverty in Germany by improving access and quality of education through a number of initiatives at their center. 

Funds donated go directly toward providing warm healthy breakfast for the children. Providing this basic but important need costs 36 euro a month for one child. 

Die Arche's Mission
1. Providing basic needs to children
2. Teaching children self-esteem
3. Awakening and promoting the potential of children

4. Offering children meaningful recreational              opportunities

5. Teaching children social skills
6. Enabling children's learning and education
7. Teaching children responsibility
8. Showing children and families a healthy lifestyle
9. Strengthening parents
10. Enabling integration of children and adolescents

11. Increasing equal opportunities in our society

Our Mission

We invite our members and their family, friends to donate to local Arches in Frankfurt to help complete No.1, in this case, providing children with free breakfast since that is the most urgent and important target. 

The Breakfast Expenses Are:1.80 euro per child per dayEvery year 20-40 new children attend and our goal is to provide breakfast for them. We’re asking to donate one month worth of meals for a child, 36 euros for breakfasts. Every little donation helps, every euro is important.


We Really Appreciate Your Help

Thank you all for being with us, joining us, and supporting our efforts we hope you will be able to enjoy this charity program and simply make things better.

Want to make a donation?:  It's easy!

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