FAWCO Target Project

Hope Beyond Displacement

The FAWCO Target Project is a sustainable investment by Member Clubs to empower women and girls. Over the next two years (2017-2019), we will employ the energy and generosity of our members through The FAWCO Foundation’s Backing Women Fundraising Campaign to sponsor women's and girls’ education. Proceeds generated through these efforts will fund the FAWCO Target Project. 

Building better futures through education, vocational and leadership training for refugee women and girls in Jordan is an initiative of the Collateral Repair Project designed to address the pressing issues identified in close consultation with the women they serve. 

Hope Beyond Displacement seeks to address four pressing issues identified in close consultation with the women CRP serves: 

  • Ensuring better educational support for their children 
  • Accessing sources of income better 
  • Managing the threat of violence in their families and 
  • Learning and developing leadership and advocacy skills. 

The project addresses these issues through targeted training and educational programs, and through tangible opportunities for advocacy and leadership. To ensure the sense of ownership and investment that will be integral for the longevity, sustainability, and success of the project, community members will be involved at every stage. Additional information is found in the attached Powerpoint with comments on most of the slides.

FAWCO 2017 Spring Intro to TP and Project (5).pdf

The following film will give you a further insight into this exciting project. We urge you to view this now.

For more information about this project you can contact our AIWC FAWCO Rep Laureen Scharps, aiwcfrankfur.fawcorep@gmail.com or FAWCO Target Project:  https://www.fawco.org/global-issues/target-program/target-program-education/3465-target-project

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