The 50-Year History of the 

American International Women's Club

The American International Women's Club was founded in February 1971 (under the name American Women's Club of the Taunus}, under the leadership of Shirley Brendtke. The Club, a nonpolitical/non-profit organization, is intended primarily for social and charitable activities, as well as personal support. The Club is a member of the internationally recognized organization FAWCO, Federation of American Women's Clubs Overseas.  In 2021 we will be celebrating our 50th Anniversary as a club!

From its first meeting in April 1971, with thirty members present, the Club has grown to nearly 400 members. This year's membership is comprised of many different nationalities and includes a significant number of women from our host country. The AIWC provides many avenues for newcomers to receive support as they adjust to living in their new home. Members can call on the "Mutti" or the Neighborhood Coordinators in their Neighborhood for advice on day-to-day needs, such as where to shop or dine out locally. 

Newcomers can attend Neighborhood events and coffees where they can meet other members who live nearby. Mother's Corner provides a wonderful network of support for expectant mothers and mothers with small children. The CARES group is available to assist our members in personal emergencies and other more difficult situations. In addition, the CARES members maintain a list of local English-speaking physicians, psychologists, dentists, attorneys and pet care. 

AIWC members have many opportunities to make friends, to learn about the German culture and to enrich their experience while here in Germany through the many activities offered by the Club. We offer monthly  All Club Coffees, wine evenings and Arts & Culture tours. There is so much on offer for AIWC members including Travel, Book Clubs, Tennis, German and Italian conversation groups and much more. All activities arranged by any member group or Neighborhood are open to all AIWC members. 

Members can get involved in the operation of the Club. All volunteers are welcome, whether they help out at the Annual Activities Fair for a couple of hours or agree to take on a General Board position. Our members contribute to the local community as well, by volunteering for our for various local charities. 

The AIWC is committed to both helping our members to enjoy their stay in Germany, as well as contributing to the host country that has welcomed us. 

Presidents of the American International Women's Club 

Shirley Brendtke   1971-1972      

Rosemary Shute   1972-1973      

Otti Sullivan   1973-1975      

Peg Bierschback   1975-1976      

Edice McGill   1976-1977      

Betty Jean Stammers   1977-1978      

Cathy Basinski   1978-1979      

Diane Atkin   1979-1980      

Greer Garner   1980-1981      

Carolyn Levin   1981-1982      

Edda Steinmeier   1982-1983      

Barbara Flynn   1983-1984     

Nancy Botcheller   1984-1985      

Anita Hedeen   1985-1986      

Joanne Suley   1986-1987      

Billye Hodits   1987-1988      

Joan Ford   1988       

Billye Hodits   1989       

Ellen Schauff   1989-1990       

Priscilla Kim Park   1990       

Marie Miller   1991       

Ellen Schauff   1992       

Terry Danaher   1992-1993       

Dale Koepenick   1993-1994       

Susan Meyer   1994-1995       

Jo Vossburg   1995-1996       

Rosanne Merrill   1996-1997       

Evelyn White   1997-1999       

Janet Sodell   1999       

Maria Ashe   1999-2000

Valerie Ghoussaini   2000-2002

Angela Pilgrim   2002

Peggy Muehlbradt   2003-2004

Marline Holmes   2004-2005

Susan Benham   2005-2006

Vera Thiers   2006-2007

Amy Davis   2007-2009

Karen Parzuhoski   2009-2010

Elaine Kuether   2010-2011

Renee Fozouni   2011-2012

 Jennifer Lapina   2012

Alicea Williams   2012-2013

Patricia Boekhout   2013-2014

Patricia Boekhout   2014-2015

Misty Waters   2015-2016

Teresa Zink   2016-2019

Danita Waterfall-Brizzi  2019 - Present

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